[Study Tour系列]Overseas International Convention初體驗後感


無論讀緊書或做緊野既你, 都可以趁短假期參加國際交流會增值自己. 了解自己所屬行業或可以申請成為會員既學術學會, 可以係個不錯既選擇. 除左定期收到行業既資訊, 仲有好多免費既course同seminar, 某D協會甚至俾成HKD10000資助你去international convention. 以下就係例子.



It was my first time participating in the CILT International Convention as well as being in Canada, so everything was new to me. Stepped out of my comfort zone to take the initiative to start a conversation with complete strangers, I met a lot of outstanding professionals and made some new friends during my exciting journey.

Sophie Ghonima, the wife of one of the guest speakers, Hazem Ghonima (President, TAF Consultants), is an amazing person I met at the President’s Dinner on Day 2. As a former counsellor and a former court assistant, she shared a lot of her valuable work and life experience with me. Emmanuel Ogbogu from Nigeria CILT, whom I met during breakfast at the Elizabeth Hotel, is a very humorous father whose son is studying in Toronto. We taught each other how to pronounce our names in our own accents and had so much fun. I also had a long chat with Professor Wang Derong, who is the Vice Executive President of China Communications & Transportation Association, and the President of Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies China. I still cannot believe I could actually talk to the person who first proposed the construction of the High-speed Train in China in person! Professor Wang even said I could contact him when I visit Beijing in the future and he would give me a book he wrote as a gift.

At the Port Visit on Day 3, a comprehensive brochure of the Port of Montreal was distributed to us. Reading through all the materials while admiring the magnificence of the Port, you will not take long to realize why their slogan is “Trading with the World”. The greatest difference between the port in Montreal and that in Hong Kong is the involvement of trucks. Unlike “Rail-near-Dock” which involves trucks to transfer containers to-and-fro between trains and ships, Montreal took the geographic advantage and built train tracks right along port coast to facilitate the container handling process by eliminating the time a truck transit takes. According to the speaker, this is called “Rail-on-Dock”, which can lower cost, decrease transit time, decrease handling time and reduce damage.

There were quite a number of parallel events, especially at the start and the end of the Convention. To grasp the most from the Convention, the other young member, Pauline, and I decided to split up, attended the parallel events at the same time, and shared the notes and information between us afterwards. I learnt more about the new technology used in the industry, like the laser beams which help ships to maneuver through the canals and the optical sensors used for detecting damages on train tracks. I suggest the same strategy to all the young members who plan to join the Convention in the future.

Montreal is one of the rare major North American cities to have preserved its historical centre. Most of the places in Montreal are accessible on foot and public bicycles. The Metro and Bus network are very convenient as well. Old Montreal and Old Port are 2 of the must-goes. In Old Montreal, I visited a lot of historical heritage, such as the Marche Bonsecours, City Hall, Place d’Armes, McGill Street, Place Jacques-Cartier and Old Seminary. One thing I noticed in the Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal, a religious heritage in Montreal, is that each face carved onto the wooden benches in the church is unique. It was breath-taking how much time and effort the builders put in that place back then, especially after knowing that the 7000 pipes of the organ in the church were all tuned manually by 2 workers listening to the sound for 2 whole months.

After the Convention, not only do I have a clearer picture of the geographic distribution of container traffic, future trends of logistics development and who the key persons in the industry are, but also a better understanding of the culture and history of a country. I will recommend the CILT International Convention to all young members without reservation.

CILT website: http://www.ciltinternational.org/


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